The More You Know

Learning is cool! And what's more, the journey towards knowledge never ends.  

Here I am, nearing my 40’s and only now have I heard the first whispers of Terrain Theory.

Allow me to explain… we all know that germs exist but what exactly allows those germs to invade our body and potentially make us sick?

Germ Theory states that we become ill when external pathogens attack our sterile body and that in order to maintain health, we must avoid and eradicate germs via modern medicine and the use of vaccines.

However, if this is the isolated case, how do we explain how not all people who are exposed to a germ fall ill and how not all people who become ill experience the same severity of illness?

Queue Terrain Theory…

Terrain Theory explains the reasoning behind selective illness despite equal exposure to a pathogen. It states that the condition of the body plays a more important role than the presence of germs and that germs and viruses can only thrive in sick environments. Therefore if your body is in a state of maximized health, your body is now an inhospitable environment for disease to prevail.

Now, I have thought about this long and hard as well as embraced a true internet deep dive into the various arguments for each side - Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory… and I have come out the other end with the well rounded perspective that these two theories are not in opposition to each other, that together, germ and terrain must be considered to live a long and happy life.

And here is why….

Modern medicine absolutely plays a vital role in extending life expectancy and keeping us safe. Once upon a time an injury as seemingly insignificant as cut had the potential to poison our blood and take us out. Today, one simply needs to climb aboard the antibiotic train and all’s well. It’s in these moments where we can recline comfortably and appreciate that we live in a time when a small injury is no longer life threatening.  

Furthermore, I can confidently say that no one can really argue with the following either; it is good practice to wash your hands regularly and refrain from licking various items such as hand rails and payphones. I mean, why challenge unknown pathogens unnecessarily, it's just good practice!

That said, I also believe that your body must be treated with the utmost love and respect... and as is true with all things… the more you take care of something, the longer it lasts!  

We all invest in our most cherished possessions and what's more important than our soul container. And as we continue to further understand how our immune system works, we learn more about feeding our bodies - not just a healthy diet and water, but by taking vitamins, exercising regularly, getting enough quality sleep and investing in our mental and emotional health.

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