Theo's Journey

Lemons to Lemonade

Our BEGINNINGS story is a common one. Two idealistic corporate employees take the plunge into entrepreneurship with the hopes of making a better life for themselves. For my wife and I, it happened in 2008. With two small children, a big mortgage and lots of bills, I walked away from my 6-figure corporate pay cheque to start an olive oil business

Returning to my family’s ancient olive groves in Southern Greece, I was determined to create a more flavourful and healthier olive oil. As an Engineer, I can’t help but want to improve things.

For the next 3 years, we perfected our craft and found a way to press our organic olives 30x colder than traditional cold-pressed olive oil; thus, creating a truly cold pressed olive oil. We called the process Ice Pressed®.

Theo creates an amazing ice pressed olive oil

What a twist – we set out to do life better and ended up doing olive oil better too! We created a pure, highly stable fat and optimum lipid carrier that is naturally rich in polyphenols and flavour.

Theo's Blends. - Lemons to Lemonade

Here Come the Lemons

As our business, Rallis Olive Oil, was flourishing and we were enjoying life, our world was turned upside down! We were delivered a basket of lemons. Sudden crippling back pain landed me in the emergency room with renal failure. For the next several years, I managed my painful disease and often struggled to run my business and be an active part of my children’s lives.

And if that wasn’t enough, the universe decided we needed more lemons …

More Lemons

During this dark time of pain, uncertainty, and fear, when day to day living was difficult; the unthinkable happened. Our young son had his first of what would be hundreds of seizures. And believe me when I say, nothing can prepare you for having a sick child. After many doctor’s visits and tests, we learned our son had a rare brain condition. We also learned that he was, like 30% of epileptics, drug resistant. This meant that no pharma drug could help him.

Theo's Blends - Sharon saves Theo

Epic Lemonade

This was about the time when Superheroes and synchronicities blew into our lives and helped us make some epic lemonade!

By the Grace of God, a beautiful stranger in my wife’s yoga class offered to donate a kidney to me! And as it turned out, we were identical twin matches! As there are no words to express our gratitude for her gracious gift, we vowed to live life to its fullest and help as many people as we can along the way

While I was healing from surgery, it was time to focus on helping our son. We knew that our olive oil, rich in brain loving nutrients, would be an integral part of his healing journey. A serendipitous connection put me into contact with a team of compounding pharmacists. Using our olive oil with its high bioavailability, we created an anticonvulsant olive oil based CBD blend for our son. And it worked! His weekly clusters of grand mal seizures dwindled to a few a year.

Shortly thereafter, we formed Theo’s Blend and developed a supplement product line using our organic, ice pressed® olive oil. And yes, we still run our olive oil business too. And families throughout North America enjoy Rallis Olive Oil.

Regardless of the products we create, we have never forgotten what it feels like to be vulnerable and concerned about what is put in your or your loved one’s body; we are committed to ALWAYS working tirelessly to ensure our products are: pure, made with the best ingredients; and highest integrity and latest scientific innovation.

Wishing you well, Theo